5 Hacks To Promote The Conversion Rate Of Your E-Commerce Website

28 08 2018

Nowadays, it is not rocket science to set the ball rolling with regard to an online store. Promoting it by means of various resources is not a hard nut to crack either. With that said, there is the need to optimize an e-commerce website which not only demands a great deal of time and effort but also a lot of attention. This is the front on which webmasters generally channel

Apart from ecommerce website design and development, constant optimization is necessary to make the most of an e-commerce website. In conjunction with careful testing can make a huge difference in stimulating the sales growth.

Though there are a number of ways of elevating the conversion rate of your e-commerce website, you only need to focus on the prominent ones to start seeing the results. Think about implementing the steps given below.

  1. Use Call To Action Button to Stimulate The Conversion Rate

Both e-commerce giants and small e-commerce websites rely on small changes to achieve bigger objectives. As for your website, you can bring about a lot of improvement in its conversion rate if you do a little tweaking to the call to action button on your website. Make sure that you test the buttons well after placing them on your site. During the testing phase, do not forget to pay attention to the shape, colour and size of the buttons as these finer details can play a key role in improving the rate of conversion on your website.

Also, observe the content on those buttons. Wherever necessary, think about making the necessary adjustments. For instance, “Add to my cart” is more likely to sound convincing than “Buy” to the visitors to your website.

  1. Utilize The Abandoned Carts

While a number of buyers feel interested after taking a look at the pictures and descriptions of various products on e-commerce websites, only a few of them proceed through the checkout process. Why does it happen? There may be two reasons for it: either buyers change their mind or put simply, they forget to buy the products in which they express their interest. Either way, it does not amount to a sale. However, you can initiate communication with them through emails. If done with sincerity, politeness and correct grammar, you will not regret it as it will pay you dividends.

  1. Keep The Checkout Process Simple And Straight

Imagine filling a huge form when you are in hurry. How likely are you to fill up such a form? Now, put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Do you see why your customers leave before completing the process of buying an item from your e-commerce website?

On the other hand, you are likely to evoke positive emotions in your customers’ mind if the process of shopping from your website is simple and straightforward. Better yet, give your customers the option to choose between filling up a long form and wrapping up the in quick time.

  1. Implement a Chat Service

Your visitors might like to know more about a product or they might have a query regarding your service. With a dedicated chat service, you can provide answers to their questions. Aside from strengthening the bond between your site and its users, it will also promote engagement with your clients. And greater engagement will elevate your chances of achieving better business outcomes.

  1. Monitor The Actions of Your Visitors

Fortunately, there are tools that allow webmasters to track the activities of customers. Use Google analytics to a good effect to keep abreast with the activities of your visitors on your website on your e-commerce website.

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