Must Have Features for Your Ecommerce Website Design and Development

28 02 2018

Shopping is no more confined to brick stores these days. It has reached a stage where one can make a purchase even from one’s convenience of home. To further simplify matters for shoppers, a plethora of web stores on ecommerce websites have propped up in recent years. With these developments, online shopping is neither a niche market nor does it represent a small audience.

While it is a well-known fact that an ecommerce website comes with a number of advantages, most webmasters hardly know what layouts or homepage designs would bring more business to their ecommerce website. If you happen to be one of them, make sure that your website has the following features.

  1. Logo

Wonder what the business card for your website is? It is the logo on your ecommerce website which represents your company. A logo, which is recognisable, makes a customer feel assured that they are dealing with the right kind of company. That is to say, it helps build trust for an organisation in a customer’s mind. If you do not have a logo, you could get one done by a professional designer. Makes sure that your logo aligns with the products and services of your business deals with.

  1. Attractive Deals and Freebies Along with Free Shipping

What do most online shoppers look for in a website? Special deals and discounts, of course. By providing them with an opportunity to buy their sought-after items at discounted rates on the homepage of your website, you would not only pull both existing and potential customers in large numbers but also make them spend. And the more they spend, the more you earn!

Do not forget to top it up with some freebies and free shipping. This will keep the shoppers on their toes.

  1. News and Updates on Popular Products

Most people who are fond of shopping, have a tendency to monitor the news on the sale of products during an upcoming event or sales period. They prefer to know it beforehand to make an informed decision later on. If they get this feature on the homepage of your website, chances are they would bookmark your website. This would increase the chances of them visiting your website in for more news and updates in future. Thus, this step will do a world of good to your website for retaining customers.

  1. Search Box, Shopping Cart and Login Box

When potential shoppers land on the homepage of an ecommerce website, they look for the search box, shopping cart and login box. You can get better conversion rates by making the job simpler for them by providing these features on the homepage of your website. If you are planning to build an ecommerce website or have already ordered one, do not forget to include this feature in your scheme of things pertaining to ecommerce website design and development.

  1. Icons for Payment Systems

Make a point of putting the icons for payment systems on the homepage of your ecommerce website so that the customers do not have to toil hard to find them. By virtue of this step, you will be able to enhance their user experience.

  1. Social Media Links

Adding social media links to an ecommerce website is the modern way of keeping customers up-to-date with the latest information about a website. Also, it provides an opportunity for self-promotion. These reasons provide the rationale behind having them on your website.

  1. Phone Numbers, Online Chatting, Store Locator

On average, every visitor to an ecommerce website expects these features on the homepage itself. If your website does not have these features on the homepage, consider putting these features there.

  1. Trustmarks

You might like to make sure that your customers find it safe and convenient to share their confidential information while checking out or making a digital transaction. Trustmarks, or the logo featuring security guarantee, will let them know that their private information will remain private. They come from trusted network solutions, TRUSTe, Verisign, McAfee, BBB and so on.


That’s it! Ensure that your ecommerce website has the above-mentioned features so that it the potential buyers find it to be the ultimate go-to-page for shopping. With your money, time and effort involved in maintaining your online presence, these features are the valuable adjuncts to take your business to the next level. Bear them in mind while formulating the strategy for your ecommerce website design and development.