The Changes That Will Influence Ecommerce Web Design And Development Trends In 2019

15 01 2019

The trend of online shopping is consistently growing in popularity and it’s mainly because of the convenience of the process. Reliable researches have predicted that by 2021, the global ecommerce market will reach the $4.5 trillion mark. Not only the number is impressive but it is also a huge opportunity for businesses to make the most of the opportunity. Therefore, if you are about to invest in Ecommerce website design and development service, then it is important to become aware of the changes that are going to happen in this sector. Knowing about them will help you to prepare a more effective strategy and understand what is happening and how it is reshaping your business.

The trends that are going to influence the world of ecommerce web design and development are:

Responsive Design Trend – Things are getting mobile and more people are using such devices these days. Now, these devices have different screen sizes and they are also changing constantly. The website your business has, needs to be capable of adapting both in appearance and functionality regarding these differently-sized screens. With the increased availability of wireless internet, responsive design has become one of the main elements of survival for most of the projects and the influence can be clearly seen in ecommerce websites.

Video Content – Delivering a complex concept in a visual medium means that static image won’t work. You need to use video content. Having background videos on a website, makes it look and feel modern and unusual. This element also increases visitor involvement, along with providing you the chance to tell the story of your business. So, videos will now be incorporated in an ecommerce website.

Material Design – Material design combines the classic good design principles along with possibilities and innovations of the modern technology. The use of animation, depth effects like lighting and shadows, and such are perfect examples of this trend. Mobile functionality of the interface is the priority of this trend and 2019 will see more of this trend.

Microinteractions – To create a welcoming and engaging experience for the visitor, Microinteractions are now being used. As, this element appeal to the visitor’s natural desire for acknowledgement, it is proving to be most effective. Ecommerce websites will contain this element more in 2019.

Grid Layouts – Based on the grid system, this layout comes with both vertical and horizontal guides which make organizing the content and maintaining a uniform structure simpler. Along with that, the system also helps to maintain control over the development process. by incorporating this trend, ecommerce websites will become more efficient.

Hamburger Menu – At present, the use of the hamburger menu is limited to the left side of the page in most of the cases. With their increasing popularity, more websites will be using this element to make the interface look cleaner and more spacious. Instead of focusing on the distractions, the user will get interested in the website and business as a whole. Along with enhancing the menu, this element sets your business apart from the others in the market. 2019 will see an increase in the use of this trend.

Voice Search – The number of people getting dependant on voice search is increasing every day. To make sure that your business is getting to enjoy each and every benefit available, you need to get it optimized for voice search. The goal of every decision should be, making the whole experience more interesting and attractive to the users. Getting optimized for voice search does exactly that. 2019 will see a considerable increase in this trend and both your website and business should be ready for this change.

These are the trends that are going to influence and guide the world of Ecommerce website design and development in 2019. Preparing your business to enjoy the benefits available will be the smart thing to do.