Give Your Search a ‘Voice Over’ – Your Voice is the Future of Search

11 07 2017

Talking to a computer appeared ‘odd’ when people saw that in the ‘Star Trek’ back in 1987. It was just the Sci-Fi which would never join hands with the reality! But does it look impossible standing in 2017 when the voice search has taken the search market by storm?

According to the speech given by the principal engineer at Google Zurich, Behshad Behzadi, Voice Search is taking leaps over the days, months and years. Reportedly, 55% of the teenagers and 41% of adults make use of the voice search frequently and the amount is experiencing a hike! Undeniably, the appeal of voice chat is grabbing the users because of the quickness, hand-freeness, multitasking and specifically it is deemed cool searching without making your fingers busy.

The best SEO and digital marketing company should be up-to-date with the technology as voice search is befalling to be the first choice almost for each individual as the technology seeing the heights. Voice search is carrying a good result along with it, for instance, the error percentage was 20% while writing on the search box and the voice search has reduced it straight to 8%.

Conversational search is the future! Not only voice recognition, the voice understanding would play a pivotal role in the game! Search engines will interpret the original meaning and context behind the regular phrases you have voiced out.

SEO = Search Engine Optimization Smart Engine Optimization

Search is getting smart! The way of writing and speaking are obviously unlike. While you might have written ‘Ways to improve content’, you will be searching ‘What’s the best way to improve my content?’ with the voice search. Voice search would now be capable of understanding and answering to some of the great aspects:

Spelling on Queries:

Asking the search engines about ‘Mail’ could bring out the results of ‘Male’ when you would go on to does the voice search. Then pronouncing it correctly can make the mistake right. So, it would help you pronounce properly!

Previously Searched Terms:

If you ask ‘What are the inventions of Sundar Pichai?’ and following the question, you ask ‘Where did he study?’ and ‘What is his qualification?’ Google is able to understand the person behind the ‘He’ and it will deliver all the queries.
On the flipside, even Google sometimes would not be able to answer properly! Yes, if you find Google cannot give you the correct answer after the voice search, you may narrow the search down for its understanding! Since, if you search for a remote place or unknown person, then Google may not give you the preferred result, you must search for a related term related to the unknown terms to Google and following the question go back to the previous question and you’ll have the answer.

Being the best SEO and digital marketing company this should be kept in mind for the profound knowledge in selecting the keywords.


If you are searching for the ‘How far is the best Cancer Hospital’, staying at Bullring Shopping Centre in Birmingham, Google will automatically understand your location and bring out the result according to your location!

Application-Based Context:

If you are chatting with your friend in an application like Viber or Hike about a salon, you can ask Google ‘What is the price of haircut?’ and Google promptly will understand your requirement and will bring out the results regarding the Salon.


It is quite obvious that the conversational and contextual searches will take the market by storm as the voice search is considered to be the Emperor of the future of SEO. Incorporating the voice search strategy into the websites would be the next thing of action for the best SEO and digital marketing company. Since SEO and VSO (Voice Search Optimization) are synchronizing well, keeping an eye on the content quality and making it conversational rather than putting hard-bitten terms and phrases are the two things you need to mind.

What comes to the optimization strategies?

Take the Long Road:

Well, short tail keywords won’t obsolete, rather they will lack relevance. The use of long tail keywords will get augmented as we SAY things.


Make relevance with the Schema Markup. If you are not familiar with it yet, it is time to do it. The HTML add-ons will help your site to explain search engines about the context. That denotes your better ranking.

What the FAQ!

If your website does not possess a FAQ page yet, it’s time to add the page. Since the voice searches will contain endless When, Who, Where, How and the others, your FAQ page will be crawled directly since it will encompass the ‘’WH-Questions”

Conversational Keyword Research:

Marketers need to be more human now. Your keywords should be in a conversational tone that can help you to grab those customers using voice search.

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