4 Responsive Web Design Mistakes to Avoid for Better Business Outcomes

07 08 2018

Every business – whether big or small – seeks to build a professional website to register its online presence. There are many benefits to doing it: it helps gain new customers, foster client relationships and establish credibility.

In order to reap the benefits of a responsive web design, it is necessary to do implement various procedures related to it while designing a website. This can be done only by avoiding the certain web design mistakes at the time of developing a website.

No matter whether you already have a website or are planning to have one designed by a company, it is a wise thing not to overlook the following mistakes in connection with responsive web design and development.

  1. Lack of Call to Action

This is one of the biggest website mistakes which small businesses make across the board. A call to action enables visitors to focus their action on their next step. You can use the content that tells them about the products or services your business offers. Use a compelling phrase to prompt your visitors to take action.

  1. Not Measuring The Performance of a Website Using Analytics

Interestingly, nearly 75% of websites that represent small businesses do not track their performance using analytics tools. Again, this is one of the major web design mistakes you should avoid for detailed information about the progress of your business.

Without a proper system to measure the performance of your website, you will not be able to protect the investment related to your business. Use Google Analytics to not only understand user behaviours but also to achieve other objectives such as monitoring the rate of conversion.

  1. Ineffective Digital Marketing Strategy

High search engine rankings do not happen overnight. It takes time, patience and a well-conceived digital marketing strategy that covers all the bases.

Unlike the old school SEO which used to be all about stuffed keywords, limited content and backlinks, modern SEO is a different ball game altogether. Making such design mistakes can lead to a heavy penalty by Google. Follow the SEO guidelines given by Google to avoid the violations and the penalties linked to them.

  1. Post High-Quality Content at Regular Intervals

While fresh, unique and informative content attracts the attention of both existing and new visitors, stale content fails to do so.

Remember that content is king – it is and will always be. So, give it a thought to add a blog section to your website. Give value to your potential customers. This will not only help you build a brand but also gain their trust over time.

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