Knowing About The Benefits Your Business Will Enjoy For Choosing To Go Responsive

26 02 2019

In this age when everything is becoming digital and the trend of remaining connected with the internet round the clock is growing, newer trends and solutions are being introduced too. For instance, if you want to browse the internet on your phone or tablet, then the websites and businesses need to prepare for that. They cannot wait for you to access a desktop or laptop computer to provide the information. Responsive web design and development is the solution that has solved the problem perfectly.

A Little History – This is the practice that allows websites to adapt according to the viewpoint of the visitor, namely the size of the device he/she is using. This is also the way which allows visitors to have the optimal experience notwithstanding the device being used. Despite the concept existing for a long time, its only since the mid-2000s that things have come to focus. It is also the time when the use of mobile devices started to grow. At present, the number of people accessing the internet from mobile devices is more than the ones doing so with traditional desktop devices. Therefore, the field continues to evolve.

The Principles Behind Responsive Web Design – When it comes to the development of responsive web design, a few principles are involved. Knowing about those will help you to get a better understanding of the whole process. the points you need to remember in this context are:

Fluid Grids – These grids indicate at grid systems which are capable of scaling based on the size of the screen, as opposed to the fixed-width layouts which appear to be the same all the time. It is true that this term is used to indicate “liquid layouts” too but there are differences between the two. For instance, fluid grid ensures that all elements resize in relation to one another. If handled properly, in every screen, you will get the perfectly proportionate look which is the aim of this technology in the first place.

Media Queries – Though fluid grids are effective, but they have their limitations as well. With browsers becoming narrower, new challenges have cropped up. To find a solution for them, media queries have been introduced. At present, most browsers support CSS3 media queries and it allows them to collect data from individual visitors and then apply the CSS styles accordingly. It makes the whole responsive concept better and more effective than ever before.

Flexible Images – One of the most complicated challenges in responsive web design is resizing the images. By using CSS’s max-width property, you can ensure that the images are loaded in their original size unless the viewpoint is narrower than the width of the image. Instead of providing a pre-set height and width for the images, you can easily enable the browser to automatically resize the images as directed by the CSS. The result will be a lot smoother and effective than the other options.

Knowing About The Benefits – Now to get into the benefits of using responsive web designing and development process to give your business and official website the boost it requires, you need to delve deeper. The points you need to know in this context are:

Increased Mobile Traffic – In the surveys conducted over the last few years, it is quite clear that the number of people using mobile devices has grown exponentially. Due to that, the importance of this trend is also growing. As a result, it has become crucial for businesses to have websites that are capable of rending properly in different sized screens. There are still businesses who insist on having separate versions of the website but for most of the organisations, responsive web design has become the norm. It offers better versatility without the need to spend a small fortune in the process.

Faster Development Process At A Lower Expense – It is a no brainer that creating a responsive website will take way less time than creating a stand-alone website for the mobile version and a standard desktop website. So, by implementing this technology, you will be able to save both time and money which will be quite beneficial for any business.

Lower Maintenance – Maintaining two separate websites for one business will cost a lot of money and effort. So, instead of having two different sites to entertain different kinds of visitors, it will be better to have one. If made properly, one website will be enough to provide the services required and maintaining it will also cost a lot less. The decision will save money helping your business do better.

Faster Webpage Loading – With time the attention span of people is decreasing. A survey has revealed that people using mobile devices for accessing the internet tend to abandon a webpage if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. If your website is not optimized for mobile devices, then you will have to suffer the same issues. Creating a responsive website including features like caching will make sure that you won’t have to worry about such issues.

Decreased Bounce Rates – Having a responsive and properly optimized website will ensure better user-experience which in turn will mean visitors will stay for longer, instead of leaving immediately. This will reduce the bounce rate of the website and it will be good for the business.

Higher Conversion Rate – Reducing the bounce rate is good but it is only half the battle. Once you have achieved that, you need to concentrate on a higher conversion rate. With a responsive website, users will have a consistent experience across devices. This will help you to boost the conversion rate considerably. Additionally, having one website that is secure and looks professional is a nice way of achieving the trust of the visitors.

Easier Analytics Report – To make informed improvements, it is important to know where the traffic is coming from and how the users are interacting with the website in the first place. A single responsive website makes the monitoring process simple and creating the analytics report becomes easy too.

Improved SEO – With a properly responsive website, it has become easier to get better search engine optimization results. Quality content, strong backlinks, and better bounce rate increase ranking which is good for the business and website.

These are the reasons why a business aiming to make it big should go for Responsive web design and development and make the most of the available opportunities.