Top 5 Most Popular Responsive Web Development Platforms in 2018

11 09 2018

One of the most significant attributes of Responsive web design and development is its capability of creating websites that provide better user experience across a number of different devices and screen sizes.

Getting more Involved – To get such a website developed, you need to hire reliable, reputed and capable professional help. After that, it may seem your responsibility is over, but the reality is a little different. For instance, to express your expectations regarding the website, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of the Responsive web design and development process. Moreover, to know the best tools and platforms for the development of your website, knowing about the most popular and trending responsive web design and development platforms will be required too.

At this point in time, the following are some of the best and most popular development platforms for your responsively designed website:

Gridset: It allows designers and developers to design and build custom and grid-based layouts for their responsive projects. With its help, any kind of grid can be created. Additionally, different content management systems such as Joomla, WordPress, Drupal and such and different graphic design applications like Photoshop, Fireworks and such are supported in Gridset increasing its importance and relevance.

Wirefy: With the help of CSS and HTML, creative wireframes can be created through this tool easily. Being a collection of HTML snippets and templates, it has the ability to scale and resize according to browsers and device, which makes Wirefy one of the best tools in the business.

Gumby 2:  Powered by CSS pre-processor Sass, it is one of the easily downloaded, customized and responsive web design frameworks in the market. It has an impressive and extensive collection of tools to be used for grids, toggles and switches, buttons, forms, tabs, drawers, dropdowns, and templates.

Adobe Edge Reflow: This platform allows the visual design of a responsive website by converting Photoshop files into HTML and CSS, which is then visually adjusted and designed through the breakpoints in Reflow. In this platform, you can drag and drop content and edit formats through panels.

Bootstrap: This front-end development platform offers a lot of components to be used for creating an effective and efficient website. Built at Twitter, it is designed to create websites that will look great in desktop, Smartphone and tablet browsers.

Knowing about these Responsive web design and development platforms will help you to choose the best option to create your website and enjoy the benefits.