9 Attributes of a Top-Notch Ecommerce Website

26 03 2018

Have you launched an ecommerce business website off late or are you planning to launch one? If yes, then make sure that your ecommerce site has the following attributes.

Clear Logo

More often than not, users make use of the search engines to get to a page with the information which would satisfy their query. In the process, they rarely land on the homepage of a website. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that they would get to see the logo of your company. A clear logo on all web pages helps a visitor identify yours from a host of other brands.

Site Navigation

Once a visitor ends up on a web page of your website via a search engine, the next thing they would look for is the information for which they have come to your website. While doing so, they would like to navigate around your website with ease. If they are unable to do so, they would prefer to cut the chase by moving to another website. No matter how creative the design of your ecommerce website is, it is next to impossible to attract visitors until you make a point of equipping it with easy navigation.

Shopping Cart and Checkout Process

The success mantra for offering a simple and easy checkout process to your customer is to keep it simple and straight. Yes, that’s right. When a customer has to go through a painful process to carry out a transaction, especially one that involves too many steps, they would not take too long to abort the process out of frustration. Thus, not having a convenient checkout process on an ecommerce website can frustrate even the happiest of the customers.

Login Box

The days of creating a separate account on different websites have long one. At present, people get logged on to a website using their social media accounts. Apart from improving the user experience of customers, it also helps a website get additional information about a customer. So, as it stands out, it is of paramount importance to have a login box on your website.

Payment System Icons

If you have an ecommerce website, not only local customers but sometimes customers from other countries may also end up on your website. Because the form of currency may vary across providers, payment system icons are necessary to ensure that your customers are able to quickly or easily understand what form of currency is acceptable for transactions on your ecommerce site.

Chat Feature

Sometimes a vital piece of information regarding a product or service may be missing in the description. A customer might have a query regarding it. Online chat systems help such customers to get information on their queries quickly without them having to wait for a long time, as it happens in case of the exchange or emails.

Store or Product Locator

At times your customers might also feel the need to visit your store in person. If you have stores at various locations, a store locator can come in handy for them to find out the nearest store to their location. It might be difficult for a customer to precisely remember the names of different places, so make sure that your customers are able to access the feature by entering a zip code.

Trust Marks

Given the rise in fraudulent transactions over the last few years, customers are more watchful these days than in the past. Before taking the final call on making a transaction on an ecommerce site, every customer looks for the small icons or trust marks to rest assure that the information related to their transaction and personal data will be kept confidential and will not be misused.

Responsive Design

A responsive website enables users to view a website correctly on their devices. This means regardless of the device a customer is using, they will view the website in correct format on their device. Optimizing your ecommerce website for various devices is your best bet to encourage your customers to keep coming back to your website. Without a fail, ensure that your developer has included this feature in their overall plan of ecommerce website design and development.

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