How to Make an Idea of Digital Conceptual Art and Illustration for the Implementation of High Level Creative Graphic Design?

10 10 2019

High Level creativity depends on the finest and innovative thinking from the nature and surroundings matching with the theme concept. A good designer always observe and thinks differently or out of the box. Tools can only help to fulfill his or her desire but the sense of creativity comes at much early stage with a beautiful mind and soul gifted by God to each and every human beings. A desire, dedication and sensitive emotional feelings are much needed assets to bring the uniqueness behind a lovable creation.

Although it is true that the expectation from a designer are really high nowadays because of the different choices that varies person to person. But a real idea with full of color and sense reflects the thoughts and acceptable to almost every viewers. We can never forgot the creation of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Monalisa (Between 1503 and 1506). The marvelous art of expressions. Or Guernica of Picasso (1937). These are the inspiration of every designer to think and feel by following the basics of concept.

Historical Changes of Designing Concepts:

From the cave art of old human civilization to today’s modern digital art and illustration the basic thinking, observation and innovation remains same. Only the changes comes in the implementation and the way of thinking. We are following the concept of colors from Mother Nature and animals and using them in different situations to express the exact natural feelings. We are also adapting the same way for human emotions. Now it’s obviously an art to express a particular idea in different ways with multiple looks and angles.

When come to this digital age of creative graphic design for the web and print media, we must focus on high level innovative thinking and ideas before starting to implement it in the Paperwork. We should observe the whole scenario of business or client needs. Most of us just started to work on the project directly without having any sense of the object and its use. Some of us give much more importance to the technical front without understanding the concept behind the design work. We should see the examples of art and design works more and more created by popular artists and experienced designers. Try to understand their thoughts behind the works.

Make Your Own:

One of the most important but easy way to start is that stop to make copy from others. The time issue is there. But if you want to overcome the 1st hurdle then give your time to your first creation with your own innovation, idea and thoughts. Practicing this on the regular basis reduce your time gap without hampering the perfection and completeness. Your own creation will always give you the satisfaction of your unique thoughts and feelings. Although you also need to earn the compliments of your client and Boss which can be contradictory with your satisfaction.

Popular Graphic Design softwares or tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, In-design, Corel Draw and After Effects etc. can help you to implement your ideas with different effects, shapes, colors and word arts. The latest versions of these tools give you the access of more and more different features that enrich your artworks. Also the online text and video tutorials of different design art works can be a rich source of learning to increase your experience. You should mix your own creativity with client Business needs in such a way so that your work fulfill everyone’s need.

Create High Level Creative Graphic Design:

A good creative Graphic designer and illustrator always learn from other great examples. High level abstract art, digital illustration and 3D design create the ultimate presentation to fulfill the expectation of end users. So we need to take ideas from different sources of art and design. Web and Print media are two important platforms of designing. UI and UX design need proper planning and application. In today’s IT field companies always want professional approach and fast implementation of your ideas. So the best way to achieve your goal is learn and practice.

Mixing and Combine different art and design into your work is itself a difficult job. We often ignore the water mark and copyright issues while using images from the internet. So we should strictly follow the guidelines and not to create any issue which will create problem for the client or organization later on. Please make sure that all your effort should move towards one direction to convey a message from your creativity. Always remember that people always want simplicity and crystal clear implementation of ideas and design. Don’t make your creation clumsy and boarding with so many designs, colors, images and text.

Essential Elements of Building a Sense of Better Creation:

See, learn and enrich your sense through different resources of design works.
Always think unique and out of the box.
Simple but smart presentation.
Don’t copy and paste
Remove watermarks or choose free images.
Be professional and subject oriented while choosing colors.
Prepare your plan fast and don’t waste time.
Choose the correct size of your presentation matching with publishing media.
Keep concentrate on maintaining good image resolution.
Select proper font.
Try to develop your own concept and design on different implementation of designing like logo, banner, brochure, business card, letterhead, e-greetings, dangler, web template etc.
Re-check your creation again and again for resolving any mistake
Develop the sense of different web and printing format to save the file.
Try to use popular and latest upgraded designing tools in proper way and become an expert.
Do R&D time to time to keep yourself updated of recent activities in the field of designing.


Creating high level graphic designing using digital art and illustration technique is always a fun and interesting job if we concentrate and find interest in it. We all have some creativity in our mind. Other resources we collect from the nature and animals as we grew up. We develop our sense and mind naturally. We see and think. Always take something from your daily life. There are so many creations of our mother nature surrounding us like when we travel by train and watch the beautiful villages, crops, and ponds through the window. We see sky, star, trees and river. We sing a song. Artistic design is like the wave of a music. It flows from one direction to another. Catch quickly and grab it and keep in the memory corner of your mind. Use it whenever required. See, think and live your life with ideas, concept, and inspiration and build designing that will not only satisfying you but others also.