Tips to Give a Polished look to your website

07 05 2018

Your business website is ready with its cool sliders and other functional features. Still, you feel it isn’t creating the sort of professional impression it should. What can you do to get your website out of such a situation? Should you hire a web developer for help?

Not necessarily, as there are no such hard-and-fast rules.

Though the problem can be easily sorted out by taking professional help, there are a few cost-effective tricks to boost the appearance of your amateur website.

Regardless of whether you are a developer, a designer or a business owner, the following steps pertaining to web designing at low cost will help you give a professional look to your existing website.

Choose a domain name

Given the fact that the domain name makes up the first part of your website, you should pay special attention to choosing it for your site. One of the best ways to figure out a perfect domain name is to note down words related to your business.

For instance, if the name of your business is Lamark and it offers professional design services, the domain name could be

You could use a lookup tool to make the job of identifying the right domain even simpler. If you find that the domain name has already been taken, try changing the domain extension and see if it works. No matter what domain extension you choose, ensure its relevance to your business.

Pick up the best WordPress theme

Fortunately, there are a number of excellent themes to creating a glossy and professional WordPress Website. The internet abounds with websites which provide excellent WordPress themes for professional sites. All you need to do is pick up the best one depending on how relevant it is to the products and services available on your site.

Aim for a responsive design

If the data of a majority of studies are anything to go by, then there are more mobile and tablet users that desktop users around the world. This highlights the importance of the responsiveness of a website. In other words, it is important for a website to be able to adapt to both the screen size and resolution of both desktops/laptops and mobile devices.

Use the right set of sliders & photos

Large-scale images are commonplace on most modern websites. Larger images are used on the landing page to not only gain credibility but to also encourage the user for more engagement.

For best results, choose a theme with a responsive design and a customisable menu. Alternatively, you can also start building your website from the scratch with a greater emphasis on its performance on mobile devices. Also, do not forget to go through the guidelines published by Google in order to develop an understanding of how it manages pages of websites based on responsiveness.

Enhance the security of your website

You or your developer might pay all the attention in the world while designing your business website but it would amount to nothing unless it is secure. Due to the lack of security, your website may be exposed to the risk of being affected by malware and other cyber attacks.

Furthermore, the vital aspects of your website might also be compromised due to an alteration in the plugin structure.

Your best bet to prevent these things from happening is to take steps like backing up your site data and install a security plug-in.

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