Knowing About The Upcoming Web Designing Trends Of 2019 Will Help Your Decision

11 02 2019

In this digital age, your business needs to have an impressive digital presence to make sure that, the available opportunities are not lost. One of the best ways of impressing your audience and converting visitors into loyal customers is to have a website which is interesting, informative, user-friendly and made with utmost care. The world of web designing is ever evolving and every year sees the emergence of new trends. Knowing about these trends will help you to revamp the website accordingly, making sure you are ahead of the game always. Hiring one of the top 10 web design company will prove to be the smart thing to do in this context.

As 2019 has arrived, so has the latest web designing trends in the market. Knowing about them will help you to incorporate the required elements in the existing website or revamping the whole thing from the beginning. Choosing between the two options will depend on the changing trends as well. So, the points you need to know about are:

Serifs On Screen – It is a well-known fact in the web designing world and community that, the font Serif is for print media and Sans Serif is for websites and digital medium. This year, it seems the trend is all set to shake up the convention. Due to this, along with using Serif is various areas, businesses are now using Sans Serif for headers, callouts, and decorative purposes as well. Due to its decorative nature, this font is quite capable of putting an emphasis on the area it is used. Instead of being a part of the past, 2019 will see the return of this font boldly.

Black And White Palettes – Colours are considered to be one of the most important aspects of a website. If the colours are not chosen right or not used right or if there is a difference in shade, the whole look of a site can be lost completely. Additionally, the black and white palette had been considered to be boring to people. Despite the need of creating the mood or unifying emotions or helping customers get familiar with the website, black and white colours are being used in websites in 2019 to create impressive statements and in an attempt to go back to the basic, the root.

Natural And Organic Shapes – Web pages are normally set up as systematic grids but this year, designers are going for natural shapes and smoother lines. Geometric shapes like rectangles, triangles, cubes, and such come with sharp corners and that creates a sense of stability but that not all. As natural shapes are asymmetrical in nature, they provide depth to the website along with allowing other elements to stand out clearly. They also offer a nice touch of accessibility and comfort which is not easily captured by mechanically created shapes.

Glitch Art – Every year, one retro trend or the other reappears in almost every area of life and world. 2019 is also not going to be an exception. The trend that is making a comeback in the glitch art and though it is no being considered to art, at the initial stage, it was all about things gone wrong. In the age of slow internet connection and operating systems, glitches were the distortion of a page or image resulting in something entirely striking and impressive. Glitch art is trying to achieve that effect.

Micro-Interactions – In websites these days, events are being included with a single purpose only. For instance, liking a post or sharing it or such an action is happening on the World Wide Web. Every time you are doing something and getting a response against it on the internet, micro interaction is happening. This trend has been quite impressive and heavily used in the last couple of years and 2019 will see a considerable spike in that trend.

After knowing about these trends, you can now decide about which ones to include and which ones not. This will also help you to make an informed decision about the next step regarding the website and make choosing one of the top 10 web design company easier. Being prepared is always better than making decisions on the go and end up harming your business because of it.