Do Not Follow; Get out of Convention When Designing Is Concerned!

18 07 2017

Pictures interpret more than words! A perfect picture with awesome colours can give you an enough idea about certain things that cannot be forgotten any sooner. As a result, people opt for coming out with an illustrative design for their websites as well. Designing has become the untold ruler of the kingdom and businesses are crafting state-of-the-art designs for their websites.

The design is the first thing that would grab the eyes of an individual. An alluring design is the only thing that can provoke users to go further! While the concept of designing is believed to be limited only to the Photoshop, Illustrator, and Corel Draw and HTML coding, there are much more tools which may enable you to get rid of the hassle you face and result with the fruitfulness!

You can avail both the free and paid designing tools for obtaining the best web design UK. These tools can reduce the duration of every project and increase the production. Let’s have a glimpse on those tools that can give you a relief from a headache you go through during creating designs.


Atomic is a prototyping tool requiring no such coding. Despite its premium version, you can use the 30 days free trial for every use including:

•Clear Start: Begin either from the scratch of a clean canvas. Draw in Photoshop or sketch entirety there
•Craft Motion: Automatically create transition and craft elements using advanced motion
•History: You may access anything you have done before. Anytime.
•Multi Device: Create prototypes in your desktop or Mac using the tool. See it on any device.


This is the application for UX design to boost the output of the UI designers. Look at some profits you can make by the tool:
•Prototypes: Supplied with the tools required to deliver high-end UI prototypes
•Nesting: You can create complex UI designs taking help from the hierarchical nesting
•Specification: Creating the specification of your design is just a single click away with Antetype.
•Export: Export Antetype designs as the pixel or vector format.
•CSS: Get the CSS code of any design made by the tool.


This is the unsullied destination for the front-end designers for the fruitful web design UK. The procedure of transition from visuals to coding is augmented by the tool.

•Import: Drag and drop feature to import.
•Retina Graphics: Avocode cares for your retina. It maximises or minimises the picture size according to the viewport size.
•Colour Conversion: Put any colour on the tool, it will promptly deliver the required HEX and RGBA format.


It is rightfully called the ‘Photoshop Killer’ by a few people. The tool is quite composed and has an inclination to be the devoted web and visual designing tool.
•Non-Destructive Layers: Modify pictures or vectors without harming them
•Zoom: 1,000,000% zoom can never let you miss a single particle way clearer compared to the 32,000% of the photoshop


Particularly designed for web and application interface format, this tool has been on the top of the priority right after the launch in 2009. It is useful and productive in the exploration of the UX phase of the design process.
•CSS Export
•Lightweight UI
•Various picture formats like PNG, JPG and TIFF

Above are the most used tools for designing in 2017. These can make your life better with all the awesome specifications mentioned above. No more relying only on the Photoshop or Illustrator, These 5 tools can be an exceptional substitute.

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