Fit Your Website into Mobile with Responsive Web Design and Development

23 06 2017

Surprising would be the correct word to describe the feeling when you’ll be aware of the ratio of the mobile usage compared to the laptops and desktops – computers as a whole. More than 98% of people in the UK are making use of the mobiles regarding any activity they opt for. That is the reason it has been a priority for the individuals to set up a website that is fit to the mobile and that sole reason drives a humongous popularity to the responsive web design and development.

Statistics has given a clear indication of the importance of the mobiles since more than 83% people open a website in their handy devices more frequently than before and needless to say, future would be witnessing a further jump.

Supposedly, your website does not fit into the mobile screens and whenever it is opened by a particular individual, they ought to pinch, drag and zoom the website to go through the pages and almost every time it creates a sheer annoyance for them.

Asking every business man about their goal would be delivering one common answer and that is the ROI. You are investing money on building your website and certainly, you are willing to showcase your products and services through that. What if nobody wishes to stay on your website entering into the landing page or the homepage? Your services and products will remain unseen.

If we go along with a more marketing perspective, you can very well understand the cons of not having a responsive web design. If you are a bit linked to the digital marketing or SEO, doubtlessly you have heard about ‘Bounce Rate’. Might be you are promoting and marketing your website to the extent and everything seems fine but at the end of the day, the result does not seem well. So, what can go wrong? Maybe the bounce rate is the reason.
Making a responsive web design and development would be the perfect thing for you to obtain. While people tend to spend only 5 seconds to decide whether they are going to stay on the website or not, Switch2Web can offer you a sigh of reliability in terms of the superlatively functional websites and marketing benefits that will remain fruitful. For more information click here: